Love-infused earth friendly clothing from beginning to end. Hand-crafted in Bali.

Tao Muse encourages movement of your unique and gorgeous self at all occasions, combining functionality & expression.

Our priority is sustainability from beginning to end. All garments and jewelry pieces are handmade in Bali, Indonesia - the Island of the Gods and Goddesses.

Original clothing designs are made of 100% natural fabrics - bamboo, linen, and cotton - and hand-dyed with timeless Balinese artisanship.

A holistic palette of earth colors is available, representing the sky, the earth, and everything that grows between.

Handcrafted jewelry is composed of carefully selected Indonesian stones, earth metals & minerals to have complimentary beneficial energies.

Ida Resi Alit, the High Priestess of Hindu Dharma (Bali), has blessed the prayer malas and the Tao Muse project, giving gratitude for the balance between humankind, nature and Spirit moving.

We complete our embrace of the feminine by donating 2% of every purchase to a local charity in Bali that empowers women. More than just clothing, Tao Muse is a life philosophy.

The muse is the spirit, Shakti, moving energy, electricity. The life force.
It creates shapes and patterns, it comes in waves, it has no master,
it is moved by the Love itself.

Come back to your own power.
Be who you came here to be.
Embrace the dance of life.
The path of Tao is without boundaries,
from the edges to the middle.

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